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With seamless point counting on your Apple Watch ⌚, our app ensures precision and eliminates disputes, leaving you to focus on the game. As simple as raising your arm and clicking on the winning team on each point.

But that is not all, Padel Time tracks your every move, providing valuable insights into your progression and workout metrics 🏋️‍♂️.

Introducing Live Score Streaming

Now, you can share the excitment with your fellow players in realtime, enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

When your friends join your game by inserting your match session code, they will see the score update on their watch in realtime. A must-have feature for non-stop Padel competitions 🏆.

Customize Your Matches

Easy and straightforward

Start or join a match, take a look at the match history or customize your game preferences.

Effortless Scoring

Just click on the winning side and count points. Your focus stays on the game, where it should be.

Play Along with Friends

When your friends join your game, they will see the score update on their watch in realtime.

Match History

Once a match is finished, it will be added at your match history where you can find a record of all your matches.

Customize Match

Your game, your rules! Choose to your preferences in the settings screen.

Match Workout

Check at any time of your game, the duration, calories burned and avg. heart rate metrics.


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